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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  July 6, 2015 2:58am-4:01am EDT

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second, but it's hard to talk about racing after seeing a wreck like that. all the talk of the safety improvements very real. what did you see from the 48? >> yeah it's part of our sport. i just thought the 3 was backwards, and to see the replay there and to see the contact of the front of the 11 car, the fact the car just climbed altitude like it did, i've never seen anything like that and then how fast it stopped. happy to know that austin is okay and that the fans are. just a scary moment. i saw it all take place in the mirror and i thought something really bad happened. >> what does it say about the safety, about the fact that he got out and is okay? >> it's remarkable. the car is ripped in half. the engine is laying out there. we've done a nice job protecting the drivers and hats off to everyone involved.
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you've got to look at other cars following behind that. we can be better but it is great to have the focus of nascar on the track, and even our teams to make the cars safe. >> thank you, jimmie. >> landon cassill, what do you think? >> it was unbelievable. it is tight racing and you just can't drive over the left rear of people. they wreck every time. that's what happens. i'm just so proud of my racing team. my snap finish chevy. we can run up front and we proved it. so i'm proud of our finish and the guys are just going to have to build another car and we'll go to talladega and be faster. >> from your perspective from the steering wheel what did you see? >> it looked like the 11 was fighting for space and the car
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behind him ran him over but that combination doesn't work. it's what causes wrecks here. so it's just tight racing. i was in it earlier on the back stretch with the 55 car and tried to get out of the way and spun him out. and it just happened. but it's fun racing and i'm glad that everybody is okay i think. i hope everybody is okay. i know austin is art. it's quite a show. >> we are still waiting for austin to emerge from the care center. >> jeff gordon is on pit lane. describe what you've been watching here. >> oh my gosh chaos. crazy. so glad austin dillon is okay. that's a violent wreck. i hope the fans are okay as well. that was a crazy one. you know it's going to be crazy. right from the start it was a wild race.
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our car was excellent it was so good. a couple moves here and there, so hard to predict these braces and what line to be in. the one time they came up the middle, i thought that was the place to be and trevor lain got on the outside of me and that lane was going. that's all it takes is that split second decision and one move to go your way or not. but making good ground there behind harvick. we were pushing like crazy. it's crazy. i love daytona. i can't believe this is my final race here. but after going through that experience i'm glad i only have one more restricted plate race left. >> you passed on those early on in your announcements. jeff, your teammate was dominant, but did you think maybe this car is good enough to get me to victory lane? >> i think all of the hendrick
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cars were good enough to win. but you get dale up front, he's so good controlling the race and he's got a fast car, as well. but he does an excellent job. congrats to those guys. the restarts, everything. he just did it right. came away with a great victory for him and hendrick motorsports. >> final run at daytona international speedway. dale earnhardt, jr., his 10th career restricter plate win. he's won three of the last seven plate races. >> great runs for casey mears, landon cassill, all these guys look forward comeing to speedway races. >> we saw kyle busch in 17th. averaged a 14th place finish if he wants to get in the top 30.
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>> the top 27 when that race ended, only three out of the top 27 were not involved in that wreck. we look back through the remainder of the field. carl edwards, a tough night for him. now only nine races to go before the chase. jimmie johnson with four wins. multiple wins for dale earnhardt, jr. >> clint >> make sure to let you know any updates we get from the track on the well-being of the fans that were getting the minor injuries tended to, we'll make sure to
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update you, as well as the drivers on "nascar america" later today at 5:00. it is just past 3:00 in the morning eastern time. as dale earnhardt, jr. will try to celebrate once again. another win at daytona. nascar coverage on nbc sn will continue next week from kentucky. saturday, sprint cup racing presented by kfc. then xfinity racing at 7:00 p.m. eastern. a wild ride for quite a few drivers, and once again, dale earnhardt, jr. ends up in victory lane at daytona.
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♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> channing tatum. george clooney. charlize and amy, hi
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everybody. i'm shaun robin sochbility weekend edition of "access hollywood". summer season officially here and that means the biggest and the best movies are in theaters. returning favorite laugh out loud comedy. bilge big action adventure and biopick and romance this summer has it all. we start with the film bringing a little magic back to the theet are. get the dollar bill ready ladies because these guys can dance. >> i love this. can i have both. is that possible? can i say that. they are both the best conditionser. >> oh, yes. >> too much man candy to choose from and magic man xxl. adam couldn't narrow down a pick for the male dancer with the best manufacture but cher that channing tatum and joe were submiten with each other. you said joe was the best dancer
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how do you feel about that. channing is the best dancer. that's him being humble. that's your perspective in my opinion. all about perspective and i like mine from here. >> make me feel awkward. really awkward. >> boys are back with a bang in magic mike super size sequel. xxl set to hit theaters this summer. >> 3 years after the first film had women swooning worldwide mike and the hunkie king of tampa back together and hit the road. >> much more of a road trip movie and about test guys kind of getting out of the comfort zone to find out who they are and what they do next. >> this really is ourless ride. what if we make up some new routines. >> the game is evolve or die. >> group travels to myrtle beach to grace the stage for one last performance and you
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can bet they are going out big. if. >> in preparation for the highly anticipated sequel the guy made sure everyone stay fit for the role especially considering the minimal look of. >> we hold each other accountable like only 300 calorie today. >> put the hamburger today. >> vulnerability is there for all of us. nobody is really in the comfort zone. channing is in his comfort zone. the rest of us. >> i think anybody when you have to get out on stage in front of thousands of strangers and get naked it's scary. >>reporter: undressing in front of strangers might still be unsettling for the group of muscle up men nothing felt more natural for them than reuniting with the cast mates. >> i feel like the camaraderie picked rate up from the last one and we had incredibly fun time working together. >> they couldn't agree more. pair more than happy to get
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back twoing their buds. what was the best part of doing the film and getting a chance. >> we just get to kilometer out and like the even this is fun. movie was crazy. it's really fun because. >> what about for you joe. >> hanging out with my buddy. i would have paid to good hang out for with them for a couple most. movie is really funny too. >>reporter: catch the laugh and boy on the raunchy road trip look out for magic mike xxl in theaters this summer. >> are you ready? fv. >> magic mike back for another round so is arnold who is back as the terminator in terminator genesis. but now we manufacture to a reimmanueling of the 1979 cult classic mad max. this one has oscar winner charlize, minus long lock in the driver seat. this reboot comes at time when she's redefining her friendship with
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sean penn who she shared oscar gold with back in 2004. today it's a full fledge romance and shaun 2 oscar and friendly competition with her 1. >> his first of 2. show off. if whatever. one of them i won with him. >> a little healthy competition among if i an say. charlize and sean were good friends back in 2004 when they both won oscars. now the couple have teamed up for the first time with penn directing upcoming love story. >> we just made a film called the last face and he's in niece post production right now. i think we have a couple day left of shooting and he is close to finishing it. come out probably at the end of the year probably at the end of the year. >> project has been a long time coming. >> we have always been looking for something to did together. even just if our friendship. and so happen to have just come at place we are dating each other and think of him as
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somebody that is justen incredibly talented. so on professional level for me that was like the ultimate gift to be able and experience that with somebody that is that good and great. >> but first charlize glam down the grity tough as nails warrior in the action flick mad max. >> i didn't want to like come on screen and be like here's the female lead. just blend in with all of this is boys and 10 kick their ass. >> blend in with her co-star tom and nicholas she came up with the idea to shave her head with the idea to shave her head. first running it by director george miller. >> very quiet then i just heard him breathe. deep pwraechlt i think he said something like i think that could be great. one day should we just shave my head and george was like that could work. then i heard that he was a little concerned about the shape of my head t. >>reporter: she even perform
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the buzz cut herself and like a good multi-tasking mom she saw an opportunity for her son jackson. >> he was only three months old when i did it. or 4 months old but he got the first haircut on that day because we had the buzzer there and gave him a little buzz. >> jackson khaerl has a preference when it comes his mom's locks. >> he did say to me the other night he touched my hair and he said really like your hair longer. i was leak about you are sweet. >>reporter: turns out the hair would have come in happenedy filming in the stark isolated desert. >> we shot the film during winter so we were actually really cold. the whole shot was really cold. i had no idea how much colder you get when you have no hair on your head. >>reporter: conditions didn't help morale on set. charlize and mad max tom butted head more than once. >> people you are very close confined space was you are going to irritate each other. i irritated her. she gives as
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good as she gets. >>reporter: according to tom charlize showed the force of the fury during the fight scene. if. >> she broke my nose. the by accident. >>reporter: tom inherits the legacy held by the original mad max mel gibson. orman film reless entered 1980. >> i have come into a family which is already pre-exitsing for the year i was born. touch base with if l that. right they think to doyshtion according to tom his lunch meeting with mel didn't go as planned. >> i bored him senseless the nature of mel and talked about or things. the fabulous conversation everything about mad max and the all sorts of toyng, tom even brought a gift. >> i made him a bracelet. >>reporter: coming. enter movie spectacular continues on the set of amy schumer fears movie train wreck. how amy keep the raunchy pwrn of humor intact for this
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is tattoo proves this summer has no shortage of r rated comedy and joining the list is hollywood new it comedian amy schumer with the first movie train wreck. and i was first on set. where will this movie go. r rated. x rated. how far are we going to go. >> it will be as r rated as possible without x. definitely don't shy away from sex drugs rock and roll. >> l teacher computer if the church basement. don't understand the concept of marriage. dress like that so nobody else wants to have sex with him. that's cool. >> amy first feature film as writer and star so with bail as -- bill as doctor who is her love interest. >> what if somebody gets ebola
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what do you do. >> i will not treat it. i let them die. >> it's only natural that amy will be doing what got her there. >> now is it true that a lieutenant of the scenes are based off of relevant life experiences that you have had. >> no. yes. it's definitely an exaggeration but the stuff comes from somewhere. i could i imagine all of it happening. rate. fight i'm just a modern chick who does what she wants. last week this guy e-how many love scenes did you write in for yourself. we saw the view and bill making out in central park. >> that's right. that's right. unscripted. that was unscripted. >>reporter: in odd couple pairing basketball superstar lebron james shows up as bill's best friend. >>reporter: you were on the court yesterday that didn't go very well. >> for me it did. ty berle made it to the set d.i woke up
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today. by back and hamstrings and quad. never doing one-on-one scene with him again one-on-one scene with him again. >> i got a massage afterward the woman was like you are really tight i was playing one-on-one all day. against who. i was like lebron james. she was washington? >>reporter: in addition to schooling bill and basketball lebron is the guy dishing out advice. >> i'm like love coach. >> mice love coach. >> love interest is paying me and i'm trying to help him navigate he and amy get to where they need to get to. >> in comedy the 2 lead have the best friend they go to. amy has her friend played by vanessa from snl and mine is lebron james. >> sexual intercourse. >> never spend the night. the. >> how is lebron. >> really hilarious i continue like. that i don't like when somebody is better than something than i am. my world and he's fin funny year than me. my self-esteem is based on
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i'm funnier than lebron james. >>reporter: you don't hold the tight. >> the director guides the ship though he usually writes his own film on this one he's given amy free reign up to a point. >>reporter: amy is used to pushing the envelope. any time where you have to pull her spaiv back. >> we do this i'm hike all right. well, see you. see how it goes. show america and see what they think about that lane. >> we do a range of joke. if it's really harsh we mit shoot something slightly less harsh in case the world says no. you have gone too when we test the movie we kind of flip things in and out and find the right balance. we go all the way and pull back if people are deeply troubled. >>reporter: definitely pushing the envelope for that one. all right coming up. set of entourage and discover a huge casting snub. then klny returns in tomorrow land. but what is a night like at home with new wife amal. find out
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about life's morning multitasking.
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it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. about. >> is where hunt? >> we have never met before, >> we have never met before, rate? >> tom cruise fighting shape returning for a fifth mission in mission impossible rogue nation and while tom is one of the biggest movie stars out there, adrienne does a really good job portraying a huge star in entourage. i was on set and couldn't help but be a little
3:24 am
offended that after being asked to be on the tv show, i was snubbed in the casting of the movie. i play add very cawshl role and i was a little hurt feelings that i wasn't invited to be part of the movie. >> vincent doesn't have a date. i find it hard to believe. we have a lot of female out there listening right now. can we bring somebody in here. not liz. not liz. >> try to hit on me. >> that's why you you are not in the movie. fight i don't think i. >> luckily the man himself adrian was right nearby to settle the situation. >> wanted to take me out there was no like follow-up after this. >> jerry and i lobbied for you hard. >> still on set i think still time to write me in guys. >> do it. do you want to be my date to the wedding. >> didn't play. >> daivt but i can have two. >> we have to drag you in right now. date for the wedding. >> there you have it. 2 offers and sadly i was still left off the guest list for the big entourage wedding. who is getting married that would be
3:25 am
assistant lloyd. so the big question is who is lloyd's groom. >> i don't know if i'm allowed to say. that i'm getting people off camera are shaking their head no to me. >> today we celebrate one of life greatest moments. >>reporter: no pique peak at the gram but that's george as the minisister. i was there at the gay wedding and all the guy there is it doesn't go off without a hitch. >> please. speck now or forever hole your peace. fight sir? you object? >> no. no. no. sorry sorry. >>reporter: festivities takes place at this house and they are over the top. synchronize swimmers. guest take part in the tradition until jewish wedding dance. i saw the extra washing walking by. everyone on the set is beautiful sthchlt a typical hollywood wedding. >> lloyd loves men and loves attractive men and so we have gathered a lot of attractive
3:26 am
men. yes. and women. >>reporter: it was short difficult of shooting for kevin who had broken his leg during a scene with seattle quarterback russell wilson. i caught up with him few months later when able to finish the film and still not over my casting snub so kevin pleaded my case to the boss. >> put her in the wring with robin tomorrow. >>reporter: tell me what time and where. >> la brea 7:00 a.m. >>reporter: he didn't give me exact address. >> anywhere on la brea. >> i'm joy. that's earning. this is disgust. that's fear. we are raily emotion. officials jane us at pixar do it again with the latest animated movie inside out. what really goes on inside the mind of teenager girl. over at pixar mother ship disney the family adventure has george clooney heading to tomorrow land.
3:27 am
>> favorite day tell me. take quite a few punch then flying around. >> that's not if you please. i don't enjoy all that stuff. that ticks me off because you know used to be in my 30's i was the guys throwing all the punches and i was the guy winning the fate. now i'm at the age where i last every fight. every single fight i get punched and fall on the ground and whine. >> george wasn't the only one who hadhe action in the sci-fi adventure film tomorrow land. up and comer robinson who is a teen who teams one george had her share of running around to doyshtion what about your son how involved with your own son. >> really involved. i'm not good at the stunt. they had a lieutenant. did a lot of work with me. i'm not athletic. i love it it's very fun. >>reporter: at any moment during filming did you look over and say there's jerj clooney filming with george. >> only silly times he was super goofy. that's george clooney. can't believe he's
3:28 am
that silly. it would be like if realization that he's just such a normal guy that would pop into my head. >>reporter: george araved at tomorrow land big premiere at disneyland with his wife amal and niece. they have been married since september 8. you were the most eligible bachelor in the world. >> for a long, long time. >>reporter: what made you say she's the one. when did you necessity she was the one. >> about three days in. you can tell. i knew when i met her this she was extraordinary. then i thought the then i the wondered if i would ever get a chance to date her. and then we became we were friend for awhile before and then luckily she said yes. >>reporter: like does jerj clooney get in tim dated at all clooney get in tim dated at all. were you fevsh because approaching her. >> yes. it's always intimidating. she's an incredibly warm, wonderful
3:29 am
person. so yes, it's always hard. everybody does. it doesn't change. >>reporter: did you lay around and sweat and watch reality tv. is what married life. >> we don't watch a lot of reality tv. not knocking it but fuchbl fortunately i force her to watch a lot of sporting events lately because march madness and so i think now i'm going to have to, she make mess turn the tv off now. play music or something else. not watch. >>reporter: engage together. >> yes. >> that's
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about. >> pac-man was a bad gishtion so excited for this one. adam sandler ladies a merry band of miss fits to ballots super size 1980's video game character trying to take over the earth. and while adam plays hero in pixel, 4 of marvel original super hero are back in action in fantastic 4. i was with the cast as they reunited for the first time since filming the wrapped a year ago. now you are spending plenty of time together. are you sick of each other. >> she loves it. she loves it. >> i love the attention. they protect me from miles. >> pretty much. >>reporter: relevant life chemistry is undeniable. on screen they combine to make the fantastic 4. miles police fantastic. kate the invisible
3:33 am
woman. michael the human torch and jamie the thing. working closely together on the film made them tight. >> i know we all enjoy so much because we all such good friends. fight make the sound fantastic. >> we honestly are. >> family. you love each other hate each other. it's family. >> best shape. yes. >> we are good. fichbility credible. >>reporter: new fantastic 4 directed by josh frank 4 individual physically altered when tell parted to alternate universe. dark and intense. smething that attracted jamie to the role. >> it's the unexpected. it's such a different take. such an original version of what we already know where the
3:34 am
fantastic 4 are. i think when we saw what josh wanted to do now he wanted to ground if reality and make the character real and have the incredible ability it was that was appealing. >> all i want to know is where are my children? >> all exhibit you if he can physical condition. >> cinema con reunion ended up being a busy day for the cast beginning with red carpet interview in the morning and later that evening they met up with me before the award show. how excited are you for fantastic 4. >> very. >> we love to see the movie. haven't seen movie yet as much as everybody else. when you get cast in this. movie like this. super exited and super daunted at the same time. high expectation. >> takes awhile special effects done. like they finish almost like right up until we release it. >> use the powers to help
3:35 am
people. sz. >> going to take everything you have. tivshtion do you feel like life will change after this. >> for all of us? fivshltion just you jamie. >> i don't know. i just hope we have done credit to the character. credit to the comic book and hope people go see it. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome fantastic 4. jamie, michael miles. >>reporter: foursome already taking home award. billy presented them with sin m con best ensemble award. >> it's fun to come to vegas and win something. >>reporter: it sits up for the expectation of this being a great film. >> it's really nice. any time you are able to shir an award with your cast that's the way to do it because so much of the business is they award individual and we realize so much goes into it that that's not has nothing to do with us.
3:36 am
so many people that work hard open it and to be part of the fantastic 4 you are a part of really marvel first family and yes. it's great honest. >> that is not the only marvel movie out this summer. bringing anti-man to live with paul rudd and michael douglas. not all about the blockbuster. quit a few independent films that you should see. scott joins me with the indie pick. >> i do love them. forget about this. sea something really special. feast your eye on the delightful profound moving i'll see new my dreams starring blythe daryn. >> i heard that movie got standing ovation when it premiere at the sundance film if he is vichlt i was there. i can vouch for. that well deserve the. she play as widow another shot at love. it's her first lead role which is hard to believe but she is in every single scene. this is the stuff this oscar worthy
3:37 am
performance are made of. that the alone make this a trem kilometer true. >> i have to see that one. i have heard great things about love and mercy. which is about the mastermind behind the beach boys. >> yes brian wilson two different actor playing wilson. paul plays the young will sun trying to take the beach boys to new height and john accuse alaska the older wilson emotionally fragile after year of drug and emotional use by his father. this movie works. >> elizabeth bank in it too. i love her. wilson girl friend. she's really on a role after directing pitch perfect 2. >> she is on a role >> she is on a roll. really great movie superb performance. music gives you good vibration music gives you good vibration. >>reporter: another film that was the talk of sundance fans. what do you think about me and earl and the dirl girl. interesting title. >> tailingts says it all. 2 friends tray to cheer up a school mate dying of cancer. top 2 prize at sundance. released by fox studio behind
3:38 am
last 2 best picture winner. 12 years a slave and bird man. wonderful movie. quirky humor. emotional punch. >> thank you very much. now become to the big gun. the carlos and duane the rock johnson east strange husband and wife faced with ultimate challenge saving her daughter after disaster earthquake. rocks california. paul is scientist delivering the dooms day news in san >> my character definitely guess through some crazy crazy stuff. sfv. >> scary. scary. scary. >>reporter: and that is just for openers. >> people need to know that shaking is not fv okay. we
3:39 am
will get hit again. it will be a bigger monster. >> entertaining movie within the realm of something possible. >> oh, my god. of. >> earth will literally crook open. you will feel it on the east coast. >>reporter: was it hard to be able to shake it off after like you are going through major like. >> i have to say with this one in particular i did more stunt than i have ever didn't and i was just sort of running for my life the entire movie. thank life the entire movie. thankfully we shot a new northern australia and i was on the beach. i would go for a walk on the beach and all of a sudden but in for sure there was that and martini were very helpful. fight cap not the if express enough you need to get out and i men now. >> it's not a matter of if but
3:40 am
when. we have the top scientist and seismologist work on the script when we shot it. they said this is all plausible they said this is all plausible. >>reporter: when you were working with the seismologist were you saying this is how would it look. >> you present them the script. they challenge the script. they say this can't happen. this captain happen. well whether if this fault then triggered this fault. would it trigger this. would the tsunami hit. possible. all came become and said yes it is. >> hold on we have to get over. >>reporter: now forever earthquake hits at your house. >> exactly. i know. preparedness i have learned. >>reporter: okay. since i live in southern confidential i'm not sure i can handle that one. okay. coming up next.
3:41 am
this i can do get ready to sing in your seat with a pitch perfect 2 and how will the success of the fault in our stars translate to john green latest cape town. we find out next
3:42 am
3:43 am
senior. >> welcome to never land. >>reporter: hugh jackman nails the role of black beard in the prequel pan take off of the classic peter pan story. prequel to sequel and this has
3:44 am
them returning to the stage in pitch perfect 2 here. >> i don't want to disappoint audience from the first film. i really want them to feel as good about them this one as they did the first time. >>reporter: in the a problem. bella back and with all the laughs of the first movie and more. >> i would do whatever it takes to get back to the to. whatever. >> i'll do that too. >> when we see them in the second movie it's 3 years later second movie it's 3 years later. >>reporter: bella are 2 time champ. pretty much legend in the world. unbeatable. fight we are doing performance with the president. ♪ ♪ we basically fall from grace. >> oh, no she has no under wear on. she's turning. fishltion. >> sought stir line of the second movie is us trying to kilometer back and we really become the under dog once more.
3:45 am
>>reporter: rebel wilson who mys the break out character fat amy learning to master this meant week of training to overcome a serious fear of height. >> opening of the movie it has to be big. bigger than the whole of the first movie combine. all right. >> i wear a prettyy massive harness here to hack me to the roof. it ruin my extreme lane silhouette and i try not to look down. just try to give it to the audience. >> my girl power is hanging out. the okay perfect. >> got up there today. we nailed it. super trooper. amazing. >>. >>reporter: elizabeth is in the director chair this time around and pulled out all the stops as i discovered on the set in baton rouge. ♪ ♪ if the. >> that girl is poison. >> here we go ♪ ♪. >> we definitely just a little bigger and better and more fun
3:46 am
and more adventure with the character that people now love. >>reporter: she likes being in control. >> she dis. the it's kind of funny when she is actually doing the directing and up in her get up too. >> that's super weird today. >> dress is the the hair thing and yelling and you are like take it back. but it's kind of cool. >> what an inspiration. girls all over cunt try who are too ugly to be cheer leaders. >> does it seem like 3 years to you or did it go by fast. >> feels like awhile. yes. done a lot of stuff and also this time around we are all older because we are not going out and drinking. first one was like party time usa. this time is like i'm exhausted i'll have some chamomile tea. >> yes. ♪ ♪ when i'm gone. >> performance became a hit over 3 and half million copy. song popularity help to nearly double the film box office with over 93 million in dvd sales.
3:47 am
the ♪ ♪ when i'm gone when i'm gone. >>reporter: fans hear reworking and keep their eye open for long list of cameo. >> some of them i got involved because of parental guilt. i think they felt like the kid would really think it was fun that they were in this movie. >> green bay packers. >> this is a surprise. >>reporter: were you big fans of the first one. >> huge fans of the first one. we did lobby to get in this one we did lobby to get in this one. once on set they saw the true talent with us. not a football player but a list celebrity. >> i don't think you are ready for this note ♪ my body is booty. >> i would like to be the ham to that map's sandwich. >> fight who knew the green bay pack course moonlight as an
3:48 am
accepella group. >> from model to movie star here in the movie adaptation of john green best selling book. >> we are going to get married tonight. that's the big news. >>reporter: wild vegas night for these 2. with them as they with honored by cinema con annual theater owner convention and good pal taylor most exiteded for her new role. >> now your buddy swifty is a huge john green fan so she must be flipping out that you are in paper town. >> yes. she's really, really happy. she loves it so much. >>reporter: if you think matt looks familiar you should. this is second january green movie. first was last year highly successful drama the fault in our stars. grossed over 307 million dollars worldwide box office. matt is hoping to strike gold once again with this movie mention what it was like working with john. >> i like when they called him the teenager whisperer. >> i needboro the car.
3:49 am
>>reporter: this is the super model first major lead role in a movie. >> 5 film coming out now; is that right? >> yes i hope deed. >> how about that? when it struck it struck. it's hot. >> i don't know what happened. it's a bit of a whirlwind. one person gave me a chance. more people were like maybe she can act. let's see if she can do this. >> paper town paper houses and pap people he everything paper. >> how about you. >>reporter: paper town centers on quinn ton and neighbor margo who love the mystery so much she became one. after the 2 embark on all nature adventure in the hometown margo disappears and quinn continue sets out on road trip to find the girl. >> go to paper town and you will never come back. >> i hope and i think it's one of those film which is like cult classic. everyone can relate to it. not just teenager but everyone. >>reporter: this summer you
3:50 am
will have a plethora of drama to choose from. meryl streep aging rock star ricky and the flash or true story of nwa in straight out of compton and ta jake super ripped as boxer in south paw. but if style and handsome men more your thing coming up we have the men from uncle. and army hammer that's
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
if. >>reporter: welcome back to "access hollywood". now summer movie season means big red carpet premiere. and big movie star fashion. joining me now with the stale producer anthony who picks out his favorite look from summer leading lead. >> hello. so many grit ones. we have to start with somebody who always dazzle on the red carpet. one of the most gone women in the world charlize. let's talk about the mad max road premiere. this is dior and the silhouette of the dress is very classic. >> i think it's very sexy. >> yes. black and white again very classic. but the contemperary more modern part is the fabric and i logs of see through and sexy and i think when she does the stream lane simple look like this. >>reporter: tall and statue like. >> exactly what you want. >>reporter: i know you are loving the style of star on the rise brit robertson who stars
3:54 am
in tomorrow land with george clooney. >> lucky. she's only 25. but she's really putting a very polished impressive style game forward this was at the premier in l.a. i think this is perfect. it's tomorrow land. outfit is a little bit futuristic. it's young. a little bit flirty and i think her fun messy up do was good. >>reporter: j.lo a little bit. >> absolutely. look like j.lo a plus. we will see a lot of really good moments from her. >> when it comes high fashion model kara most sought after in the business and now she's ready for movie star status. of course she has been on her style a game on the red carpet. she knows how to do i. >> she does. she can call up the designer friends and say give me something amazing where i'm obsessed with her. she is so fun to watch. this is at cinema con by alexander what i
3:55 am
like about her is she experiments with men wear. a little bit like the high fashion tom boy but in a sexy way with this piece here. i think the so interesting. and she has like 3 or 4 movies coming we see. >> vtv put the designer on speed dial. she will need them speed dial. she will need them. okay. one of my favorite ladies. elizabeth bank. did double duty on pitch perfect 2. directed this time and she rae priced hilarious role as gale and you are loving her fashion choices on the red carpet as well. >> she. >> she is strike ago pose or something. >> not a good snap shot of her face but. >> i think she has become one of the best dressed. >> i love her style. >> she does gown as director i think she want to be this woman in charge on the red carpet. ensemble by mayor case a.different. backless. basically like a really fancy scarf. together beaded halter
3:56 am
top. fringe is definitely make a comeback. >> thank you very much. fun look at fashion. now on to 2 very dapper men. arm or and henry 3 piece suited to whole new level in the man from uncle new level in the man from uncle. >> hacking at her. does he have just one hand on the steering wheel. if. >> then you hear something that sounds like a gunshot. if. >>reporter: man from uncle based off successful 1960 tv series with the same name but the new version has upgrade in the hunk department. henry and arm or sty in guy richie reboot new life in the real made famous by robert vaughn and david mccallum. >> being a spy what is it like on set. >> really fun. really good fun set. hard work. all put our
3:57 am
work if and i think the movie turned out really, really well but to me much enjoyable movie i shot. guy is a good leader and he brought everyone together and made the whole experience fun. he really did. >> they work together. infiltrate. >> get acquainted. >>reporter: they play 2 spies forced to work together to stop an atom bomb falling into nazi hands. >> america is teaming up with russia. >> get a little messy. >> we had movie which shot in london in rome in naples on the coast and tremendously talented accounting and fantastic director the and all the element came together and being a terrific project to work on and hopefully everyone enjoys it half as much watching it as we did making it. >> i work better alone. >> me too. >> okay. >> i'll let you tag along. >> in addition to the role on
3:58 am
screen arm or playing dad in real life. his wife elizabeth gave birth to baby girl harper last year. >> i don't want to sleep i feel like i miss something. it happens so quickly. it's been grit. >> that will change. >> it will change. >> look who made it. >> 25 years later as new generation. it works to just invoke the original name. not trying to be the the original movie at all. >> i never heard of the original vacation. new vacation will stand on its own. doesn't matter. okay. >> grace wald are back. when ed helm very anxious for much needed family bonding. green son of clark and ellen take 2 boy and which have played by christina on cross country road trip to america favorite family fun park wally world. >> family in a rut. we have to shake things up. >> we are driving to wally world. >> washington? >> it was awesome. i'm so
3:59 am
lucky to have worked with the 3 people that i did because if you have to be in a car with 3 other people for months like you want to get along and you want everyone to have pretty good breath and stuff like that. and for the most part i can say that was all good. >> how about some 10. him if i know we have a lot of big shoe to fill but we want to attack it straight forward. do something the bag natural proud of and put hard work in it. >>reporter: one important round for sly stallone this time he decide to take apollo kid under his wing and teach the in and out of boxing world. >> me and sly were pretty much going through drill. don't want to give away too much but it's pretty crazy. the. >> can't keep sly down. coming up fix. amusement park filled
4:00 am
with dinosaur. what could go wrong. chris pratt it's monday july 6th. coming up on "early today." the women of the united states are world cup champions. the american team stuns defending champion japan by dominating every aspect of the match. to greece voters celebrate a victory for no as their financial future remains in dire straits. a massive blaze at a florida resort has fire crews battling the flames, while 500 rooms are evacuated. plus the pope kicks off his pilgrimage. some nascar fans push a battle against the confederate flag. plus a busy fourth of july weekend. happy monday to on you. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for joining us.


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